WANJIA™ specializes in the development of precision door and window project. These project provide countless options that can be seamlessly integrated with any structure to bring appeal to your projects (from commercial spaces to multi-family residences). The sophisticated modern appearance of our project leads potential residents to eager to sign leases, while state-of-the-art windows allow them to live for several years.

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We have a wealth of project experience, from personal residential solutions to commercial construction projects, which has always been our professional field.

WANJIA™ has been providing professional guidance and support for old customers and new development customers.


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WANJIA™ Team offers project services from design to after-sales service.

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See all global projects in different regions and know more about WANJIA™ strength.

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WANJIA™ is expanding and looking for global project distributors. If you are familiar with local real estate, this is the best way to cooperate.