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Aluminum Folding Door Systems for Your Business

If you are planning to renovate or rebuild and are considering a folding door option, you can find a great aluminum folding door at WANJIA™. Best of all, we've made a lot of improvements without increasing the cost!





Key Features

  • Suitable for any size and any other specifications
  • Noise-proof, dust-proof and weatherproof
  • Very space-saving, will not block the light
  • Good insulation and sealing performance
  • Lighter weight, easy to open and close
  • Hidden multi-point locking system
  • Open inside or outside
  • Custom glass, size and color

Our aluminum folding doors have a variety of uses, are fast and easy to operate, and has good performance of internal partitions in hospitals, schools, shopping malls, gardens, etc.!

If you want to make the indoor space wider, occupy only a little side space, and the light is not blocked, even can make the room more open and bright. Certainly, aluminum folding doors are the ideal solution to meet your needs.Furthermore They can provide you with larger openings and even connect commercial business areas.


Types of Aluminum Folding Doors

accordion folding doors design

Accordion Folding Doors

aluminum folding bedroom door modern design

Aluminum Folding Bedroom Door

aluminum folding screen door design

Aluminum Folding Screen Door

black folding doors design

Black Folding Doors

Double Folding Doors

modern luxury folding doors

Luxury Folding Doors

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Types of Aluminum Folding Doors

accordion folding doors design

Accordion Folding Doors

aluminum folding bedroom door modern design

Aluminum Folding Bedroom Door

aluminum folding screen door design

Aluminum Folding Screen Door

black folding doors design

Black Folding Doors

Double Folding Doors

modern luxury folding doors

Luxury Folding Doors

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Panel Options

Standard Color

Custom Color

Glass Options

The glass of the WANJIA™ aluminum folding door can be warm inside and cold outside. There are many kinds of glass for you to choose.
To put it simply, we provide a variety of styles and uses of glass options, a variety of thermal insulation components, such as various colors, tempered glass, laminated and single-layer, double-layer, and triple-layer glass panels.

Door Leaf Options

WANJIA™'s folding door is the best solution for modular space. The maximum width is allowed when opening, and the number of door leaves can be customized.

Folding door system technical details download

Folding Doors Guide For Professionals

The product guide created for professionals provides a high-level overview of the features and options available for folding doors. In addition, they also include detailed information about the structure of each product type, as well as product performance data.

Aluminum Folding Door Hardware


The bottom sliding system has a bearing capacity of up to 400KG, and even when the door leaf is large, in this case,you can push and pull smoothly,the sliding process is stable and noise-free either.


The internal fan material adopts a one-piece design, and the outer frame and the inner fan adopt the principle of decompression. All these designs can improve the air tightness of the fan.


The organic combination of transmission mechanism and square shaft.
Built-in gear, smooth transmission.
Multi-point locking, high safety performance.

Manufactured to International Standards

1. Cutting

2. Open Corner brace hole

3. Install Corner brace

4. Install strip

5. Glass assembly

6. Gluing

7. Test

8. Packing

Application scenarios

Real estate project
Shopping malls, commerce
Coffee shop

Internal or external place/location
Living room

How To Choose The Aluminum Folding Doors?

First, choose manufacturers with good brand reputation, and standardize product quality and service systems in terms of scale.

Second, check to see if the manufacturer's relevant qualification certification is complete and true compared with relevant industry standards.

Third, good color collocation is the key element of the room. Style and color harmonize with the style of the room.

Last, pulley bearing capacity

Finally, and most importantly,the folding door needs to slide frequently, so the quality of its pulley must pass, because if the bearing capacity of the bottom wheel is not enough, it will affect the quality of the folding door.

Why Choose Aluminum Folding Doors?

  • Long service life, compared with other materials, aluminum is relatively strong and durable,
  • It has good heat preservation and air tightness, can isolate cold and heat, oily smoke, moisture, and has the functions of fire prevention and noise reduction,
  • Good waterproof performance, the aluminum folding door is tightly sealed, and there is no gap between the door panels,
  • There are various styles, you can choose according to your favorite decoration style, which can greatly improve the decoration effect and make the whole more beautiful,
  • High safety performance, adopting multi-point locking design.

Order Process








1. How do I know if WANJIA™'s aluminum folding doors is suitable for my space?

Our aluminum folding doors are fully customizable and will fit any project and application.

2. Does your WANJIA™ aluminum folding doors have shutters?

Many of our doors and windows have shutters between the glass options. Please contact us for more information.

3. Is the folding door safe?

The aluminum folding door is very safe, you can choose one of the door types, and is equipped with a multi-point locking system. Whether you are residential or commercial, it is very suitable.

4. Does the folding door open inward or outward?

Our folding doors can be customized in both ways, but it depends on your preference. Most homeowners choose to open the door outside, which saves space.

5. How many panels do I need?

Before purchasing and installing, you need to measure the appropriate size and determine the space for installing the door. There is almost no limit to the number of panels, you can contact our professionals for details.

6. What hardware options can aluminum folding doors provide?

Provide a variety of window hardware styles and patio door hardware styles, as well as provide a variety of finish options to match any house.

7. How is the price of aluminum folding doors and its shipping cost calculated?

Since the scale and other factors of each project are different, we need to quote according to your unique requirements.

8. Is the folding door with a key?

Yes, the WANJIA™ aluminum folding doors and mobile glass wall system have the same functions as traditional terraces and entrance doors.

9. Can the aluminum frame of the folding door get a special color?

Yes it is! Different colors can be used for the aluminum frame. You can view custom pages on each product page.

10. How to install your product?

At the beginning,when producing folding doors, we will debug and test before leaving the factory, and then install all frames, door panels and hardware.

And then, after the commissioning is completed and the test is passed, the door frame and the door panel are separated. At end, packaged.

Consequently,when the product is received, the installation work is very simple.In simple terms,just fix the frame, connect the door hinge, install the handle and sealant.But the folding door is too heavy and requires three people to complete it. In this case Two people hold it and one person repairs it.

In addition to large panels, glass and hardware have been installed in the factory. Installation is not complicated, but it needs to be lifted and moved. In a word, , we also have professional installation technicians who can help you in large-scale projects.

11. Can I purchase bi-fold doors directly from WANJIA™?

Of course, we are a direct manufacturer. Whether you are a commercial or a homeowner, you can contact us directly.

12. Is the folding door airtight and weatherproof?

Yes, our aluminum folding doors system is designed to withstand hurricanes and has excellent moisture resistance.

13. How can I get a quote?

Contact us directly to get a free quote.

14. How long is the delivery time?

For standard configuration, starting from the drawing approval stage, our usual delivery time is 4-5 weeks, for non-standard colors, colored glass and other special upgrades, our delivery time is 10-14 weeks.

15. Warranty time?

The warranty period for hardware and active components is five years, and it is guaranteed that the glass will not lose its seal due to manufacturing defects within five years, and ensure that the aluminum profile is not affected by manufacturing defects, which can cause the loss of structural integrity for fifteen years.

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