Operable skylights add plenty of sunlight and open sky views to the interior.

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Skylights are windows set into the roof and are a clever way to bring more natural light into the interior. Often, a skylight, or part of it, is used as a window that allows operation to let in fresh air. In addition to that, skylights enhance the beauty of the interior and exterior and are a great addition to almost any room in the home.

WANJIA® skylights combine durability and reliability to provide the perfect solution for thousands of customers.

WANJIA® offers skylights designed and manufactured with the highest quality in the industry, bringing natural light and fresh air into your home. Our skylight systems can be attached to virtually any substrate, the design possibilities are endless, and each skylight can be fully customized to fit your project.

Basic Parameters

Thermal insulation performance

Wind pressure resistance
AS/NZS4420.1 standard:


Watertight performance
AS/NZS44201 standard:


Airtightness coefficient:
Level 5

Sound insulation performance
ISO717 standard:


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  • Colors

  • Glass

  • handle

About aluminum profile color

Skylights provides a variety of colors for frame customization. In addition to the colors on the color card, if you want to customize frames in other colors, please contact us and we will communicate in detail.


Skylights help increase the curb appeal of a building and are a popular addition to modern commercial projects


The aesthetic value of roof skylights not only adds to the ambience of your home with natural light, but also adds value to your property.

Versatile and durable, aluminum is one of the best materials for skylights. Because aluminum is so weather-resistant, it resists UV radiation and retains color longer than other building materials. In addition, aluminum provides a narrower frame profile and can be inlaid with a larger area of glass for a wider field of view.

Energy and environmental protection advantages

Aluminum skylights can provide excellent thermal insulation, these factors greatly improve energy efficiency, provide a comfortable indoor climate for your home, and effectively reduce energy costs. Wanjia provides you with high-efficiency energy-saving skylights that exceed energy efficiency standards and can last for many years.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Skylight

Place Space

Whether installed in a residential or commercial building, skylight placement requires some planning. Contact us to discuss and we can help you evaluate your options and find the best location for your skylight.

Choose A Sunroof Type

Different skylights have their own functions. Generally speaking, there are two main types of skylights:

Fixed - These cannot be used to turn on ventilation. They often provide extra natural light and spectacular views indoors.

Ventilation - Ventilation skylights are best for rooms that need extra ventilation, they open like windows to let in fresh air. On hard-to-reach roofs, there is an option to open a power sunroof.

Budget Pricing

The price of skylights depends on the type, size, glass and other related accessories you choose. You can compare and decide the best option for your budget.

The benefits of choosing a skylight

Improve space lighting, skylight lighting effect is more than 10% higher than ordinary windows

Increase indoor air circulation, and the openable skylight has both ventilation and ventilation functions, which can quickly replace indoor and outdoor air

The natural light provided by skylights is good for human health and can reduce stress and anxiety of body and mind

The increase in natural light can reduce artificial lighting and electricity use, and during the cooler months, skylights can also increase the heat in the space and reduce energy consumption costs

Skylights can enhance your current interior design and decor, making your home a more attractive property

Order Process








1. What materials are used for WANJIA® skylights?

We have aluminum materials to meet your requirements.

2. Won't they make my house hotter?

The position of the skylight has a great influence on the indoor temperature and light. Before buying, ask a professional to locate skylights to maximize daylight and control solar heat gain. Additionally, using energy efficient glass blocks UV rays and reduces heat entry, while still maximizing the use of light.

3. Are skylights safe?

The materials used in skylights play an important role in their safety, we supply skylights with laminated glass, which acts as a safety measure to prevent glass breakage.

4. Can you give me a preferential price?

We welcome every customer who likes our project to give preferential prices. Please contact us immediately to obtain a quotation for the project selected for your project.

5. Where are your project manufactured?

Our factory is in Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China, where all our project are produced.

6.Can the frame color and glass color of skylights be customized?

Of course, we will do our best to meet your requirements.

7. What if I have an attic?

Great ! Skylights are one of the best options for attic spaces. Installing skylights in your attic can fill your attic room with beautiful and energy efficient light.

8. What about installation?

We have professional installation videos available to you, and we also have professional installers who can come to install for you.

9. Warranty time?

The warranty period for hardware and active components is five years. It is guaranteed that the glass will not cause sealing failure due to manufacturing defects within five years.

10. How long is the production cycle?

For standard configuration, starting from the drawing approval stage, our usual delivery time is 4-5 weeks, for non-standard colors, colored glass and other special upgrades, our delivery time is 10-14 weeks.