WANJIA® is a leading manufacturer to design and produce windows and doors for residential and commercial application worldwide. We are committed to providing one-stop window and door service for customers.

Brief Introduction of WANJIA® 

Our chairman of the broad, Mike Wan, firmly believes in the mission of bringing happiness to the world through WANJIA®  windows and doors. We aim to help our clients to live better home life.

With 19 years of experience, we take pride in providing high performance and superior quality products to support customers worldwide. The WANJIA®  teams will continue to explore and innovate to making progress and improvement.

We are grateful for your support in our past and future. We are still looking forward to cooperate with you.

Number of Employees


Production Areas

538,195.5 sq.ft²

Export Countries


Scale of WANJIA® 

“It’s always challenging to reach a certain height.” In the past 19 years, WANJIA®  was dedicated to sustainable operation, focusing on our employees and paying attention to product quality.

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What Is the Size of Our Team?

Our WANJIA®  operation center has more than 150 employees, and more than 200 staff working in factory. We possess extensive experience in both international trade and production. Whether you require assistance in selecting standard sizes or customizing windows and doors, we are capable of providing professional solutions for your residential or commercial projects.

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Our Production Qualification

WANJIA®  has built a strong production capacity over the years, thanks to our accumulated experience for nearly two decades.
Our production capacity has continuously improved, allowing us to expand our production scale in return. This kind of mutually beneficial relationship has promoted to our synchronous growth.

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Operation Center

We completely separated production and marketing. The branch is located in Guangfo Zhicheng, the center of between Foshan and Guangzhou, became the international operation center of WANJIA® 

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Aluminum Factory

So far, WANJIA®  has established multiple production factories dedicated to different window and door materials. The aluminum factory was the first built by the WANJIA™  Group.

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UPVC Factory

It is the second largest factory of WANJIA® , which is close to the aluminum factory in terms of production qualification, production scale and number of employees, and it’s also one of our important producing bases.

Product Exhibition Hall

When you want to visit WANJIA®, both our international operations center and factories have independent products showroom available. This enables us to have more effective discussions and problem-solving communication by providing a tangible reference point for any issues or questions what may appear.

Main Window & Door Collections

Our product series includes casement windows, sliding windows, folding doors, sliding doors and other types. What's more, our products can be customized according to your needs to meet different places. In addition, we also provide any other products in the future.

Innovative Design

We are not just satisfied with striving for excellence. We pursue greatness in every aspect and embrace every challenge with courage, honesty and determination for success. Through breakthrough innovation and design, we transform our clients’ visions into reality. We provide window and door solutions that surpass expectations and deliver visually stunning appearance of products.

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Meticulous Attention to Detail

We pursue the perfect combination of practicality, intuition and beauty. Our products are crafted with exceptional workmanship, offering a quality what you see, touch and feel. At WANJIA® , we remain unwavering in our dedication to meticulous attention to detail, ensuring every product we deliver provides a satisfying experience and stands the test of time for our customers.

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Obtaining Certifications

Every country, region and distributor must abide by local standards when importing products during the international trade. We’re honored to obtain the most relevant authoritative certificate of window and door. Those are the most powerful proof of the quality of our products, and also make consumers feel free to buy them.

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WANJIA®  Core Departments

WANJIA®  boasts several specialized departments, including sales & marketing, research & development, production,etc. Each department collaborates seamlessly to ensure top-notch products and exceptional customer experiences, reflecting our commitment to excellence.

Foreign Trade Department

The sales teams specialize in international business, facilitating seamless communication and fostering successful partnerships with global clients.

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R&D Department

Our research and development team focuses on driving innovation and continuously improving our WANJIA®  products and technologies.

Production Department

WANJIA®  employs advanced machinery and skilled labor to make sure efficient and high-quality manufacturing of our windows and doors.