Saudi Arabia Building Project

  • 2015
  • Senegal

Category: Government Building

Style: Simple European style

Area: 450㎡ on the first floor, totaling 2 floors (excluding basement and garden)

Address: Dammam,Saudi Arabia


Windows installation

130 pcs

Number of windows


Doors installation

70 pcs

Number of doors

Project Story

This project is a government office building in Senegal. Before choosing WANJIA™, customers have referred to the project and cost-effectiveness of many door and window companies. After comparison, we found that our WANJIA™ project are the most cost-effective, and there is no one.In the entire communication process, we WANJIA™ can give customers a lot of help, regardless of the design concept, production process, logistics, transportation, installation and after-sales guide, WANJIA™ can provide customers with very high-quality services.
After the completion of the entire construction project, the customer also recognized us WANJIA™ very much.

More details about this project

In the whole process, the customer saw our professional service and very reliable quality, and after a very short consideration, they signed a contract with us WANJIA™.
In 2015, WANJIA™ 's professional construction team arrived in Senegal. According to the specific conditions of the project, we conducted an on-site investigation and size measurement and conducted face-to-face communication with customers in some detail to meet all customer needs as much as possible. WANJIA™  aims to conduct on-site investigations through a professional team, design exclusive plans and high-quality doors and windows project to realize the wishes of customers.

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Project Progress:

The customer is very satisfied with the entire building, and is ready to share the product situation of the building's doors and windows, so that the customer can understand the product situation more clearly.

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