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If you're looking for a garage door that is a statement of your good taste, we have custom solutions for your home.WANJIA™ brand has always been synonymous with product quality and professional services.We can create garage doors with attractive design options and enhanced security features to differentiate your home in style and security.

Key Features

  • Made of durable, low-maintenance profiles
  • Excellent energy efficiency
  • Dustproof, windproof, rainproof, block the scorching sun
  • Extra protection for the garage
  • Can be opened by induction
  • Customize colors, sizes and panel styles

WANJIA™ combines the durability and design of a garage door to create a stylish, sustainable entry for you

Our garage doors are ideal for quality construction and maximum thermal efficiency. These doors are available in a variety of panel designs for design flexibility. They're also made from a well-insulated aluminum frame for added weather resistance, helping to keep your home comfortable in any climate.

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Panel Options

Standard Color

Custom Color

How to Choose a Garage Door

Choose a reliable manufacturer

First of all, be sure to choose reliable manufacturers and compliant products, which are more secure.

Style Options

When choosing a garage door, appearance is often the most important thing. Style choices should be based on your personal preferences and home style, and choosing the right garage door can instantly add to your home's curbside appeal.

Configuration Options

We also need to focus on the configuration and materials of the garage door. Especially the door frame of the garage door, the high-quality door frame can effectively reduce the friction and noise between the guide rails. The quality of key accessories such as guide rails and torsion springs also directly affects the overall stability of the garage door.

Price Budget

Finally, for many homeowners, budget is important. The cost of a garage door depends on a variety of factors, including material, style, hardware, and door size, among others. When choosing a budget, you can compare and determine the best option for your budget.

The benefits of choosing a garage door

More protection and safety

Garage doors protect your home from outside elements. Generally speaking, a garage door not only protects your vehicle from theft, but also protects it from the scorching sun and harsh winter cold.

create more space

Having a garage door opens up all sorts of possibilities for making better use of your garage space. For example, people often use garages as storage spaces, and garage doors help you protect everything in your garage.

Improve curb appeal

Choosing a garage door style that matches the rest of your home's design elements can enhance your home's appeal, and installing a garage door is the most cost-effective way to add value to your house.

Improve energy efficiency

Insulated garage doors minimize temperature fluctuations caused by air leaks and gaps, keep spaces at a consistent temperature and reduce energy costs.

Order Process








1. How do I know if WANJIA™ garage door is suitable for my space?

Our garage doors are fully customizable and will fit any project and application.

2. Is the garage door?

The garage door is very safe, you can choose one of the door types, and is equipped with a multi-point locking system. Whether you are residential or commercial, it is very suitable.

3. How is the price of garage doors and its shipping cost calculated?

Since the scale and other factors of each project are different, we need to quote according to your unique requirements.

4 Is the garage door with a key?

Yes, the Wanjia garage doors and mobile glass wall system have the same functions as traditional terraces and entrance doors.

5. How to install your product?

At the beginning,when producing garage doors, we will debug and test before leaving the factory, and then install all frames, door panels and hardware.

And then, after the commissioning is completed and the test is passed, the door frame and the door panel are separated. At end, packaged.

Consequently,when the product is received, the installation work is very simple.In simple terms,just fix the frame, connect the door hinge, install the handle and sealant.But the folding door is too heavy and requires three people to complete it. In this case Two people hold it and one person repairs it.

In addition to large panels, glass and hardware have been installed in the factory. Installation is not complicated, but it needs to be lifted and moved. In a word, , we also have professional installation technicians who can help you in large-scale projects.

6. Can I purchase garage doors directly from WANJIA™ ?

Of course, we are a direct manufacturer. Whether you are a commercial or a homeowner, you can contact us directly.

7. Is the garage door airtight and weatherproof?

Yes, our garage doors system is designed to withstand hurricanes and has excellent moisture resistance.

8. How can I get a quote?

Contact us directly to get a free quote.

9. How long is the delivery time?

For standard configuration, starting from the drawing approval stage, our usual delivery time is 4-5 weeks, for non-standard colors, colored glass and other special upgrades, our delivery time is 10-14 weeks.

10. Warranty time?

The warranty period for hardware and active components is five years, and it is guaranteed that the glass will not lose its seal due to manufacturing defects within five years, and ensure that the aluminum profile is not affected by manufacturing defects, which can cause the loss of structural integrity for fifteen years.

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