Sliding Window

Sliding window is a popular choice due to its contemporary style, convenient operation and time saving, creating a perfectly connection between indoor and outdoor spaces.

What Is A Sliding Window?

A sliding window is a type of window that operates by sliding horizontally on sliding tracks. It typically consists of two or more sashes. This design allows for easy opening and closing of the window by simply sliding the sashes left or right.

Sliding windows are favored for space saving design, providing large view and ventilation. It is a regular selection for residential and commercial settings.

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Sliding Window Size (inch)

  • Available Size
  • Unavailable Size

Small Size

24x24 window (23.5" x 23.5")

24x36 window (23.5" x 35.5")

28x36 window (27.5" x 35.5")

30x30 window (29.5" x 29.5")

32x36 window (31.5" x 35.5")

32x48 window (31.5" x 47.5")

34x34 window (33.5" x 33.5")

35x35 window (34.5" x 34.5")

36x24 window (35.5" x 23.5")

36x36 window (35.5" x 35.5")

40x36 window (39.5" x 35.5")

Regular Size

24x60 window (23.5" x 59.5")

24x48 window (23.5" x 47.5")

36x48 window (35.5" x 47.5")

40x48 window (39.5" x 47.5")

40x54 window (39.5" x 53.5")

36x60 window (35.5" x 59.5")

40x60 window (39.5" x 59.5")

48x48 window (47.5" x 47.5")

48x60 window (47.5" x 59.5")

60x36 window (59.5" x 35.5")

60x60 window (59.5" x 59.5")

46x46 / 45x45 window

Large Size

24x72 window (23.5" x 71.5")

32x72 window (31.5" x 71.5")

36x72 window (35.5" x 71.5")

48x72 window (47.5" x 71.5")

72x36 window (71.5" x 35.5")

72x48 window (71.5" x 47.5")

72x60 window (71.5" x 59.5")

72x72 window (71.5" x 71.5")

96x48 window (95.5" x 47.5")

96x60 window (95.5" x 59.5")

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Why Choose Sliding Windows?

  • Ideal for areas with limited space
  • Complement various residential and commercial styles
  • Better air circulation and ventilation
  • Natural light and energy efficiency
  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • Open by sliding left or right in horizontal
  • Uninterrupted outdoor views
  • Safety locking system and protection
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Sliding Window Before & After Projects

What improvements can new sliding windows bring to your home?

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If you want to get more details about our sliding window collection, including types, colors, sizes, hardware and so forth. Please feel free to contact us.

Superior Service Solutions

We provide including consultations, installation, customization and comprehensive after sales support to ensure customer satisfaction.

Energy Saving Certification

WANJIA®  obtained the title of "Energy Star". Energy-efficient windows adhere to strict criteria, saving energy, reducing utility costs and are eco-friendly.

Safety and Security

Proper installation, secure locks, tempered glass, and compliance with regulations to protect occupants from injuries and potential dangers.


What materials are used for WANJIA®  sliding windows?

We adopt aluminum and vinyl materials to meet your requirements.

Does the sliding window have screen?

Yes, you can order sliding window matching with built-in screen, which can increase your window functionality.

How can I get more sliding window information?

You can download our WANJIA® product catalog or model specifications to get more information.

How should I choose a suitable sliding window for myself?

When choosing a sliding window, you should consider the window size, material,color,sealing performance and price. Consult a professional expert ,like WANJIA, to assist you.

How long does the entire production cycle take?

For the standard configuration, our typical delivery time is 4-5 weeks starting from the drawing approval stage. However, for non- standard colors, colored glass and other special upgrades, the time of delivery extends to 10-14 weeks.

Could you give me a preferential price?

We warmly welcome every customer who likes our project to give a high cost effective price. Please contact us immediately to get quotation for your project.

How many colors are available for sliding window?

You can choose different colors according to your personal preference and building style. If you want to get more color details, please go through detail page of sliding window continuously.

Can I customize the glass type for the sliding window?

Yes, you can select different types of glass for your sliding windows to meet your requirements of sound insulation, heat insulation or safety protection. You can get more information in detail pages.

Can sliding windows save energy?

Yes, look for high-quality insulation and low-e glass, which helps to reduce heat transfer and maintain comfortable indoor temperatures.

Is the sliding window safe?

Yes, sliding window has multiple point locking system to lock the window and anti-collision system to prevent sashes from damaging with a slam.

Is the sliding window easy to clean?

Sliding window is relatively easy to clean by sliding each sash. Regular cleaning and maintenance will help keep them looking clear and tidy.

What’s the lifespan of sliding windows?

The lifespan depends on factors such as material quality, proper installation and regular maintenance. Well-maintained sliding windows can last for several decades.

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