Wooden Door

Using attractive wooden doors is the best option to add design and beauty to your home.

Find The Best Wood Door Options For Your Home

WANJIA™  selects quality wooden doors to complement entryways and interiors in a variety of styles, sizes and finish options. We take pride in offering solid wood doors that our customers will enjoy for many years to come.

Key Features

  • Extremely strong and durable to withstand years of repeated daily use
  • Has excellent wind and rain resistance performance, can resist bad weather
  • Extremely insulated to keep heat and cold out of the house, effectively reducing your energy bills
  • Can be carved, cut and stylized to suit your specific aesthetic needs

WANJIA™ wooden doors are more and more
favored by customers because of their beautiful and durable features

We carry a wide range of modern stylish, high quality wooden
doors, crafted from the finest quality woods and enhanced
engineering. Built for performance, durability, and beauty for
long-lasting enjoyment. With our ability to produce uniquely
designed wooden doors, Wanjia offers complete design
freedom to architects and homeowners.

How to choose a wooden door

The demand for wooden doors

First, you need to consider where your wooden door will be installed, whether it will be
indoors or outdoors, and how often it will be used. Do you want your wooden door to
have special functions such as moisture-proof and fire-proof? Answering these questions
will help you choose the right wood door for your project.

Select Wood Type

Deciding which wood you prefer is the next step in wood doors. Different woods will
have different effects on your project. You can ask door suppliers about the types and
differences of wood they can offer.

Style Options

The look you choose for your wood doors can have an impact on the overall look of your
home, and choosing the right door can instantly add to your home's exterior appeal.

Price Budget

Finally, for many homeowners, budget matters. Try to find the best quality door within
your budget. In addition, the size, opening mechanism, material and additional functions
of the wooden door are also important factors affecting the price of the wooden door.

The benefits of choosing wooden doors

Durable Wooden Doors

Wood is a very stable and reliable material that can withstand harsh environmental conditions and is less expensive to maintain than other doors.

Excellent Insulation Performance

Using the insulating properties of wood can maintain a near-ideal temperature level for the interior. Wood has a high R-value, which means it is unaffected by temperature changes.

Provides Design Flexibility

You have a variety of options when it comes to wood door styles and finishes. This material allows you to express your personal style in home decor to complement your space.

Order Process








1. What kind of wood can you provide?

Considering the needs of different customers, we can provide a variety of wood types, such as walnut, teak, cherry, red walnut or oak, etc. If you want to know more wood types, please consult us.

2. Do you offer custom sized doors?

Yes, we can provide you with various custom sizes of wooden doors. Please let us know your dimensions and our design team will be in touch shortly.

3. Are wooden doors safe?

Wood is one of the most time-tested materials of all construction materials. They are not only beautiful to look at but also strong and durable, with multi-point locking mechanisms that increase the security of wooden doors.

4 Can I buy wooden doors directly from WANJIA™ ?

Of course, we are a direct manufacturer, no matter you are a business person or a homeowner, you can contact us directly to provide quality products for your project.

5. How is the price of wooden doors calculated?

Due to the different size, type and hardware of each project, we need to quote according to your unique requirements.

6. Can your wooden doors be made in special colors?

Sure, we can provide a wide color range for your wooden door project.

7. How can I get a quote?

You can contact WANJIA® professional foreign trade team to get more prices for our wooden door in details.

8. How long is the delivery time?

Our typical lead time is 4-5 weeks from the drawing approval stage for standard configurations and 10-14 weeks for non-standard colours, tinted glass and other special upgrades.

9. Warranty time?

The hardware and moving parts are warranted for five years, and the glass is guaranteed against loss of hermeticity due to manufacturing defects for a period of five years and the aluminum extrusions against loss of structural integrity due to manufacturing defects for fifteen years.

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