Philippine Hospital Building Project

  • 2017
  • United States

Category: Hospital Building

Style: Modern minimalist style

Products provided: Vinyl sliding windows, vinyl top-hung windows, vinyl casement windows, aluminum curtain walls

Technical Support: On-site size measurement, installation guidance, return visit

Address: Philippines Skyline Hospital and Medical Center


Windows installation

200 pcs

Number of windows


Doors installation

80 pcs

Number of doors

Project Story

The customer knows us at the exhibition, and also knows that we have more than 10+ years of experience in the window and door foreign trade industry, and we started business communication at the exhibition. When the project began to be implemented, the customer immediately made changes to us. In-depth communication, after about two months of communication, customers quickly place orders, and we also produce for customer orders.

More details about this project

Because the order amount is relatively large and the goods are relatively large, there is also a certain degree of difficulty in the process of goods declaration. However, due to our professionalism, we quickly let customers receive our goods and install them. Our installation technicians I also went to the local area and worked together to complete the installation.

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Project Progress:

The customer is very satisfied with the entire building, and is ready to share the product situation of the building's doors and windows, so that the customer can understand the product situation more clearly.

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