32x48 window

32x48 window is the standard window in the world.32x48 window is 32 inches width and 48 inches height. Because it is an international size window, large-scale production will be carried out when producing windows of this size. If you want to buy affordable windows and reduce the cost of windows, you can buy 32x48 window.


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32x48 Sliding Window

32x48 Casement Window

32x48 Single Hung Window

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32x48 Tilt and Turn Window

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Does WANJIA™ have the ability to customize the window products I want?

WANJIA™ has more than 20 years of industry experience. We have the mature experience to provide you with different industry-level suggestions, including cost, visual beauty, you can determine the price with a sense of pride ,and the value that can bring products, absolutely is one of your best investments.

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Why is a 32x48 window an international size window?

  1. 1
    32x48 windows quality is well guaranteed, with a 5-year warranty.
  2. 2
    32x48 window energy-saving glass can greatly reduce the energy cost of adjusting the indoor temperature, choose energy-saving glass Low-E.
  3. 3
    32x48 windows can be made all-weather, using high-quality materials, can well protect the entire window from fading over time.

To view more window types, contact us to customize a 32x48 window for you!

To view more window types, contact us to customize a 32x48 window for you!

32x48 Window Overview

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About product packaging and logistics

In order to avoid scratches and collisions that may be caused by the product during transportation, and to ensure that the product can arrive safely, our WANJIA™ mainly uses the following two packaging methods:
1. Use bubble bag and EPE to reduce product friction, and use wooden box packaging to achieve double protection
2. Pack the product with bubble film, and fix the product with a wooden frame to reduce collisions during transportation

1. What material types are available for 32x48 windows?

32x48 windows made of aluminum  materials: casement windows, sliding windows
32x48 vinyl windows: casement windows, sliding windows

2. How much is a 32x48 window?

The price of common aluminum windows on the market is set at between US$65 per square meter and US$254 per square meter. Therefore, the price of 32x48 general aluminum windows is set at 64.41 US dollars to 406.4 US dollars, and detailed quotations are required according to customer needs.

Thermally broken windows on the market are priced at between US$92 per square meter and US$280 per square meter. Therefore, the price of 32x48thermal broken aluminum windows is set at US$91.17 to US$448. Detailed quotations will be made according to customer needs.

Common vinyl/UPVC windows on the market are priced at between US$55 per square meter and US$146 per square meter. Therefore, the price of 32x48 vinyl/UPVC windows is set at 54.5 USD to 233.6 USD, and the detailed quotation is required according to customer needs.

For the actual price of 32x48 windows, you can contact a professional to provide you with a detailed free quote.

3. What factors affect the cost of 32x48 windows?

Window style: The price of a 32x48 window depends on the window style you choose: casement window, sliding window, top-hung window.

Window frame material: 32x48 windows can provide aluminum and vinyl materials. Vinyl materials are the most affordable and have a long service life.

4. Is there a lower price for 32x48 windows?

Of course, our company has always been winning the love and trust of customers with high quality and high-cost performance. The price of this 32×48 window is open and transparent in the industry, and we can specifically consider and adjust the corresponding raw materials according to your needs. While ensuring the quality, we also give you the best and most ideal price. For more details about the price of 32×48 windows, you can consult our professional team, and look forward to hearing from you!.

5. Can you tell me the manufacturing process of 32x48 windows in detail?

32x48 windows only have high-tech manufacturing processes. We will show a video to take you into the detailed production process.

6. Which door and window manufacturers are the best in China?

Of course, there are many door and window manufacturers in China, so how can we choose a good manufacturer? We have a list of manufacturers with a good reputation in China. You can refer to and compare:

1. Foshan Wanjia Window And Door Co., Ltd


3. Huangshi Mega Commodity Co., Ltd.

4. Prima Industry Co., Ltd

Manufactured to International Standards

1. Cutting

2. Open Corner brace hole

3. Install Corner brace

4. Install strip

5. Glass assembly

6. Gluing

7. Test

8. Packing

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