48x48 window | 4ft x 4ft Window

48x48 window is standard size, which means 48 inches wide and 48 inches high or 4 feet wide and 4 feet high. The size is exactly the real window size, not wall to wall size. Customized size is also avaliable. For this size, we can do casement window, sliding window, awning window, tilt and turn window. UPVC/Vinyl or Aluminum material are all ok.


  • Long-lasting
  • Good decoration effect
  • Large daylighting area
  • Has good weather resistance
  • Lightweight and high strength
  • Good environmental performance


48×48 window for sale

48x48 Sliding Window

48x48 Casement Window

48x48 Awning Window

48x48 Tilt and Turn Window

48x48 Single-hung Window

48x48 Double-hung Window

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What Makes WANJIA™ Products One of The Best Choices for Homes?

WANJIA™ is a leading window manufacturer in China. It provides a variety of window styles and can customize aluminum and PVC windows according to your project. WANJIA™ sincerely provides satisfactory service to every customer, and our products always conform to industry standards.

Introducing our brand

Advantages of 48×48 window:

Why choose 48×48 windows?

  1. 1
    48×48 windows allow you to choose different window types and different materials.
  2. 2
    48×48 windows are larger than ordinary windows, which can maximize the natural light entering your home.
  3. 3
    48×48 windows have good ventilation function and provide excellent sound and heat insulation effects.

To view more window types, contact us to customize a 48×48 window for you!

To view more window types, contact us to customize a 48×48 window for you!

  • Colors

  • Glass

  • Specifications

About aluminum profile color

Still can't find the color you want? Contact us to get your custom 48×48 window color!

About packaging and transportation systems

WANJIA™ professional packaging system can ensure that all products are delivered safely. We mainly use two packaging ways to avoid scratches or collisions on the product surface.

1. Bubble bag + EPE + wooden crate
2. Air bubble film + wooden frame


48×48 Window: the Complete Buyer’s Guide

1. What materials are used for 48x48 windows?

We have aluminum materials and UPVC/Vinyl materials to meet your requirements.

2. How do I know whether the 48x48 window is suitable for my space?

When buying a new window, you need to measure the window size firstly. Manufacturer will do the drwaing and make the exact size to you. If the size is wall to wall, please advise them to get correct window size.

3. How much is a 48x48 window?

For ordinary aluminum windows, the basic price ranges from $65 to $254 per square meter.So a 48x48 aluminum window prices from $96.2 to $406.4 USD.
For thermal break aluminum window, the basic price ranges goes from $92 to $280 per square meter. So a 48x48 thermal break aluminum window prices from $136.16 to $448 USD.
For vinyl/UPVC window, it starts from $ 55 to $ 146 per square meter. So a 48x48 vinyl/UPVC window prices from $81.4 to $233.6 USD.
However, the final pricing depends on the opening method you need and the specifications of window frames, glass, and hardware options.For specific prices, you need to contact professionals to get a free quotation.

4. Can you give me a preferential price?

Yes, our 48x48 windows have different opening methods, which means that there will be different prices. If you have enough MOQ, we will give you the highest discount.

5. Where are your project manufactured?

Our factory is in Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China, where all our project are produced.

6. What hardware options can the 48x48 window provide?

Provide a variety of hardware styles for 48x48 window, and provide a variety of finish options to match any house.

7. What about installation?

We have professional installation videos available to you, and we also have professional installers who can come to install for you.

8. Warranty time?

The warranty period for hardware and active components is five years. It is guaranteed that the glass will not cause sealing failure due to manufacturing defects within five years.

9. How long is the production cycle?

For standard configuration, starting from the drawing approval stage, our usual delivery time is 4-5 weeks, for non-standard colors, colored glass and other special upgrades, our delivery time is 10-14 weeks.

Manufactured to International Standards

1. Cutting

2. Open Corner brace hole

3. Install Corner brace

4. Install strip

5. Glass assembly

6. Gluing

7. Test

8. Packing

Order Process