36 x 72 Window

A new design window is 36 x 72, 36 inches width and 72 inches height. 36 x 72 windows are favored by many people when they are designed. Not only can you customize 36x72 windows, you can also customize other windows of any size you want. 36 x 72 windows can meet your needs for aluminum windows and vinyl windows.


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36 x 72 Sliding Window

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Why can WANJIA™ meet the window and door products you want?

WANJIA™  has more than 20 years of experience in the door and window industry. It not only has a professional R&D team, but also a professional manufacturing team and a professional after-sales team. This is why WANJIA™  has been able to stand firm in the foreign trade door and window industry.

Introducing our brand

Why are 36 x 72 windows so popular?

  1. 1
    36x72 window saves a lot of energy and can reduce the impact of any external weather conditions in your house to a certain extent.
  2. 2
    36x72 window profile strength can resist forced entry and keep intruders out of the door.
  3. 3
    36x72 windows can choose the best profile window according to the weather factors in your area, providing a variety of designs and functions.
  4. 4
    36x72 window overall frame allows you to enjoy all the beautiful views of the garden or the outdoors.

To view more window types, contact us to customize a 36x72 window for you!

To view more window types, contact us to customize a 36x72 window for you!

Customize more 36 x 72 window designs

Customize your favorite 36x72 window, we will provide more options to manufacture your favorite windows, and improve your overall architectural beauty and design aesthetics.


The handles of the 36x72 window have many famous brands to choose from, such as VBH, KINLONG,HOPO; it can better improve the overall safety performance.


Aluminum windows: black, white, gray, wood grain color
Vinyl windows: white
You can customize more colors you want, including brown, green, gold, mahogany, and more.


Double-layer clear hollow tempered glass, single-layer clear hollow tempered glass, triple-layer clear hollow tempered glass

How did you get 36 x 72 window into your hands?

WANJIA™ 's transportation system has always been very mature, which can ensure that every cargo is safely delivered to customers. We have two very mature packaging methods, which can protect the product from scratches or collisions on the product surface.

Such as:
1. EPE with bubble film and wooden box.
2. Bubble film with wooden frame

1. Why is the 36 x 72 window worthy of my choice?

We provide aluminum materials and vinyl materials to make 36x72 window frames, which can be customized completely according to your preferences and budget.
36x72 windows provide different shapes, materials, styles, and finishes, such as single-leaf top-hung windows and fixed windows.

2. Is the size of the 36 x 72 window the most suitable size for my home?

The size of custom-sized windows depends on the area of your building. Usually, a 36x72 window can be suitable for any room, whether it is residential or commercial real estate, it will not be greatly restricted.

3. How is the 36 x 72 window priced?

The price of common aluminum windows on the market is set at between US$65 per square meter and US$254 per square meter. Therefore, the price of 36x72 general aluminum windows is set at 108.7 US dollars to 424.76 US dollars, and detailed quotations are required according to customer needs.

Thermally broken windows on the market are priced at between US$92 per square meter and US$280 per square meter. Therefore, the price of 36x72 thermal broken aluminum windows is set at 153.85 US dollars to 468.24 US dollars, and detailed quotations are required according to customer needs.

Common vinyl/UPVC windows on the market are priced at between US$55 per square meter and US$146 per square meter. Therefore, the price of 36x72 vinyl/UPVC windows is set at US$91.98 to US$244.15, and detailed quotations are required according to customer needs.

For the actual pricing of 36x72 windows, you can contact a professional to give you a detailed free quotation.

4. What are the factors that affect the cost of the 36 x 72 window?

The choice of glass: double-layer transparent hollow tempered glass, single-layer transparent hollow tempered glass, triple-layer transparent hollow tempered glass, the price of glass is different in that they have different insulation and noise reduction functions, which need to be matched according to your needs.

Window styles: 36x72 window styles are designed with single top-hung windows and fixed windows. Different styles of choice also have different pricing.

Personnel cost: Not only will there be an impact on regional location and market demand, but also on the installation cost, which can affect the cost of 36x72 windows.

5. Can the price of 36 x 72 windows be negotiated?

Yes, at WANJIA™ we have always adhered to the principle of customer first, and our team will strive for the greatest discount for you according to market trends. Please contact us to provide you with the most affordable price for 36x72 windows.

6. How long is the warranty service for 36 x 72 windows?

WANJIA™  window and door products are confident enough to admit that they have a good guarantee of quality. We will provide a 5-year quality warranty and a technical team will solve the problem for your windows.

7. How to buy 36 x 72 windows at WANJIA™ ?

You can contact us through the official website, social media platforms: Facebook, Linked In, Instagram, and other platforms to provide you with a free quote.

Manufactured to International Standards

1. Cutting

2. Open Corner brace hole

3. Install Corner brace

4. Install strip

5. Glass assembly

6. Gluing

7. Test

8. Packing

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