Montreal Villa Construction Project

  • 2015
  • Canada

Category: Home improvement villa

Style: European-style simple

Area: 450㎡ on the first floor, totaling 2 floors (excluding basement and garden)

Address: Montreal, Canada


Windows installation


Number of windows


Doors installation


Number of doors

Project Story

The client’s entire villa is very simple. Choose aluminum  folding doors to match the simple decoration style, which makes the whole building look very simple and atmospheric. The folding doors can be pushed open on both sides, so that your vision is wider and the operation is also very good. Simple.

More details about this project

This project is one of the villa projects of a local real estate development client in Canada. The entire building is divided into two floors. Customers are more inclined to choose aluminum sliding doors. The color is black, which makes the whole building very simple.

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Project Progress:

The customer is very satisfied with the entire building, and is ready to share the product situation of the building's doors and windows, so that the customer can understand the product situation more clearly.

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