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WANJIA™  is a professional windows and doors service solutions provider in China. With years of experience and large teams, we offer reliable and customized service to lead the whole industry.

Customize Windows and Doors

Participate in product design with WANJIA™ technical and service teams.

Delivery and Transportation Process

Smooth and efficient delivery process ensures timely arrival of WANJIA™  products.

Windows and Doors Installation

Provide product installation instructions, video guidance and relevant service support.

Excellent Professional After-Sales Service

Prompt efficient service to ensure satisfaction by providing timely solutions.

Start Conversation with Experts

Learn more professional knowledge, news and trends about fenestration industry.

Start Conversation with Experts

Dear customers, WANJIA™  group will serve you wholeheartedly. Each of WANJIA™  employees will offer you with professional guidance, quotation and solutions. Furthermore, we will help you complete the whole order process.

Can I have one-on-one online consultation?

Yes, exactly. If you are interested in our window and door products, you can fill in the form above and submit it by this page. WANJIA™  qualified professionals will get in touch with you immediately after receiving your submitted form, so please leave your email or regular contact you use.

How do I communicate with WANJIA™  face to face?

WANJIA™  not only support online conversation and service, but also feel free to welcome and make preparation to exchange with you face to face. We have our own independent exhibition hall and showroom. When we negotiate one of those questions, you can observe our product demonstration directly, therefore, you can communicate with us by visiting our company.

Contact Us to Start Your Tour!

Please tell us your individual needs and get a free quote directly from WANJIA

Customize Windows and Doors

WANJIA™  provides a variety of customization options to meet the individual needs for most customers. According to your demands, WANJIA™  can help you create unique and ideal windows and doors.

WANJIA window door superior service solutions customize safety 1

Window and Door Safety

Properly install and regularly maintain products can enhance home security, prevent accidents and provide protection. Do you know how to optimal safety correctly?

WANJIA window door superior service solutions customize climate 2

Climate Change

When opting for windows and doors, it is a critical factor to consider the weather where you live. WANJIA™ offers professional to estimate your situation.

Product Certifications

Window and door certifications ensure that products meet fenestration industry standards for quality, performance and safety.

Home Intelligence

Integrate with smart technology into home life elements, enable remote control, monitor convenience and security.

Component List

Although there are many choices in the market, the selection of hardware components is crucial for any products that meets at least one of these conditions. High quality forged components combined with proper pairing can unlock advanced potential.


When it comes to selecting windows and doors, the most important factor is understanding which material is best suited for your home. WANJIA™  offers aluminum and UPVC for you to make decision.


As for aluminum material, it can support both thermal break and regular structures. However, the performance may vary due to the differences in structure, even with the same material.


The energy efficiency and glass are interdependent. At the same time, decorative and privacy glass, as well as glass with additional noise reduction features, can all be paired with the most suitable window and door thermal performance for your home.


The commonly cooperative brands of WANJIA are including ROTO, HOPO,CHUNG and KINLONG. It has personalized accessories for buyers to choose from.

Delivery Process

With our decades of foreign trade experience, WANJIA™  provides competitive shipping rates, timely customs clearance, real-time tracking and safe on-time delivery of your windows and doors. Simply provide us with the destination address and contact information, confirm the delivery time, and we’ll handle it.

WANJIA window door superior service solutions delivery process 5

Transportation Process

  • WANJIA™  Factory
  • Export Transportation (China Forwarder)
  • Port of Loading (Export Customs Clearance)
  • Ocean Shipping (Shipping Company)
  • Port of Destination (Import Customs Clearance)
  • Import Shipping (Local Forwarder)
  • Customer’s Address

Windows and Doors Installation

We’re pleased to have reached an agreement with you. We will complete the manufacturing products you ordered for about a month, and ship them to your region. WANJIA’s local technicians will provide professional installation services.

Is it important for installation service?

Absolutely. Even though lots of great quality windows and doors in the market, it’s vital aspect to choose matching service for the high performance products. It is also an indispensable step to consider professional installation service. Excellent product installation is related to the choice of window and door performance,as mentioned above, materials, structure, glass, hardware accessories and so on.

4 Points About Installing Windows and Door : What You Need to Know

If you want to get energy-efficient, long-lasting and smooth windows and doors, it’s crucial to pay attention to every detail before installation. Check out these helpful tips on what to consider before the installation process to avoid common mistakes and ensure a right step.

Replace Window & Door Frame

When installing new frame, we must remove the old frame at first. Some homeowner will still keep them in order to save money, but the result will lead to improper sizing and mismatched colors issues. If you don’t remove the old one while installing the new one, part of dimensions will effect the performance.

Soundproof Performance Changing

If you’re living on the high floor, it’s crucial to go for top-notch soundproof window and door materials, so you can consider to opt for smaller sizes. You can tailor your choice of sound insulation windows and door based on the noise levels specific to each floor.

Tight Sealing Performance

If the windows and doors are not tightly sealed, you will hear wind outside. It shows the importance of the product sealing. When installing the foam between frames and walls, it’s vital to ensure clarity. Additionally, make sure to apply an ample amount of sealant around the windows for effective sealing. This will ensure that the windows and doors are properly sealed and well-maintained.

Pre-Installation Inspection

Check the window and door opening for any unevenness or accurate sizing. After installation, carefully inspect the newly installed window and door, including hardware components, glass and frames for any issues. If you found any issues , be sure to address them immediately to avoid any unnecessary follow-up work or expense.

Excellent After-Sales Service

How do WANJIA™  provide customer support service?

WANJIA window door superior service solutions after sales item service warranty 4

Receive Feedback: We get suggestion and advice through phone, email, whatsapp, facebook,etc., in order to promotly understand problems and needs.

Diagnose Problem & Provide Solutions: WANJIA™  team will patiently communicate with customer and offer such as technical support, product repair, or replacement.

Follow-up on Service: Make sure to resolve the problem properly. Our team will record customer feedback and opinions for future improvement and optimization.

Warranty Item

When selecting our after-sales service, please consider the warranty coverage, including the components covered and the duration. We offer impersonal factor warranty service. Our warranty applies to WANJIA™  windows and doors. Here is the list of products eligible for warranty coverage.

External Coating

Warranty period: five years (Fluorocarbon Coating: 15 years)

Limitation: Restricted to non-manmade damages only


Warranty period: 10 years

Limitation: Restricted to non-manmade damages only


Warranty period: 10 years

Limitation: Restricted to non-manmade damages only

Glue parts

Warranty period: 10 years

Limitation: Restricted to non-manmade damages only


We prioritize customer satisfaction at WANJIA™ , going above and beyond to fulfill all requests and exceed expectations for our services.