Spring Door

The spring door is a buried door shaft spring or a built-in vertical floor spring. The door leaf can be opened freely inside and outside, and the door leaf is in the closed position when it is not touched. The spring door is a common door in the office building of the decoration project, and it is a door that can be opened freely inside and outside.


  • The frame and fan have a unique drainage groove design.
  • Built-in gears, the transmission is stable and smooth.
  • Multi-point locking, high safety performance.
  • The lower rail pulley acts as a bearing, safe and stable.
  • The insulation performance reaches K=2.2W/(m2 • K).
  • Flexible opening, convenient use, and safe anti-theft function.

The Aluminum Spring Door Finally Proved The Combination Of Function And Form, And Finally Entered The International Market.

The new aluminum spring door design breaks the traditional floor spring door design. You can easily push it away so that you can get in and out freely. The design of the aluminum spring door is simple and generous. The advantages of not occupying indoor space, economical price, heavy bearing, and strong wind pressure resistance.

Our Advantage

WANJIA™ aluminum Spring door design is one of the most comprehensive and multifunctional door systems on the market. We can provide various styles and designs for you to choose from.

Compared with ordinary casement doors, WANJIA™ aluminum Spring doors are almost maintenance-free, making them a better choice for the outdoors. Heavy-bearing, sturdy, flexible, and resistant to wind pressure. High efficiency, energy-saving, natural weathering, and corrosion resistance, it can withstand structural damage and deformation even under the harshest conditions. Whether it is severe weather such as strong wind, snow, hail, typhoon, etc., the structure and design of WANJIA™ aluminum Spring doors can withstand extreme factors in all weather conditions and climate zones.


Hotels, shopping malls, office buildings and other places choose spring doors as the first choice for export. At the same time, spring doors are also very luxurious.


In many residences, customers will also use spring doors. They have sufficient stability against wind pressure and can give you a sufficient sense of security.

Why Choose Spring Door?

Has the perfect function of the ground spring door

Very good sound insulation and noise reduction performance

Super air tightness, water tightness, wind pressure resistance

Excellent thermal insulation and energy-saving performance

The appearance is very beautiful, generous, and luxurious

The spring door can move flexibly and is easy to operate

What Factors Should Be Considered When Buying Spring Doors?

Material selection

Under normal circumstances, spring doors will be used as outdoor doors, so choose good materials as much as possible in the choice of materials, so that many unnecessary follow-up tasks can be reduced in subsequent use.

Choice of accessories

Under normal circumstances, the value of a building will be reflected in the most basic appearance. In terms of anti-theft, further precautions need to be taken to reduce the possibility of danger.

Choice of glass

Outdoor doors need to experience a certain amount of wind and sun. Choosing a good glass will increase the service life of the outdoor door and reduce the expenses in this area in the future.

Order Process








1. Can I customize aluminum spring doors?

Yes, all of our spring doors types are customized according to your requirements.

2. Can I get special colors for my aluminum spring doors?

Yes, it is! You can use your favorite color for the aluminum frame. You can view custom pages on each product page.

3. How to choose the best aluminum spring door for your own building?

When you provide detailed information (for example, wind resistance, heat insulation), we will design.

4. Can aluminum spring doors provide shutters between the glass?

Many of our doors and windows have shutters between the glass options. Please visit our blinds page for more information.

5. Does the aluminum spring door provide hurricane protection/collision glass options?

Our products have been designed and tested to meet the strict building code requirements of coastal areas.

6. What hardware options does the aluminum spring door provide?

Provide a variety of hinge door hardware styles, and provide a variety of finish options to match any house.

7. Warranty time?

The warranty period for hardware and active components is five years. It can be guaranteed that the glass will not lose its tightness due to manufacturing defects within five years. Ensure that the aluminum profile is not affected by manufacturing defects, which may cause the loss of structural integrity for fifteen years.

8. How about the installation?

When producing aluminum spring doors, we will debug and test before leaving the factory, and then install all frames, door panels, and hardware. After the commissioning is completed and the test is passed, the door frame and the door panel are separated and then packed. Therefore, when the product is received, the installation work is very simple, just fix the frame, connect the door hinge, and then install it. Hand and sealant. In addition to the large panels, the factory also installed glass and hardware. Installation is not complicated, but it needs to be lifted and moved. In addition, in large-scale projects, we also have professional installation technicians who can help you.

9. Is the aluminum spring door airtight and weatherproof?

Yes, our aluminum spring doors system is designed to withstand hurricanes and has excellent moisture resistance.

10. How long is the production cycle of the entire aluminum spring door?

For standard configuration, starting from the drawing approval stage, our usual delivery time is 4-5 weeks, and for non-standard colors, stained glass, and other special upgrades, our delivery time is 10-14 weeks.