Curved Casement Window

Modern Curve Design

Combine with elegance and functionality. The curved design of casement window adds streamlined elements to balcony. The window can offer large-scale ventilation and energy efficiency for a comfortable living space.

Regular Color Options

Wood Color Options

WANJIA® 60 Series Casement Window

Meets most application requirements

Greater energy conversion efficiency

Product prices are relatively more affordable

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  • Materials

  • Hardware

  • Combinations

  • Glass

  • Screens

  • grilles

Our options of premium aluminum will elevate your window to a whole new level. In addition, the durability of materials allows you to use our window with confidence.

Basic Parameters

Heat resistance performance:

Uw2.0W/m2 K

Soundproofing performance:

Rw up to 30dB

Watertight performance:


Hurricane performance:


Airtight performance:

Ievel 5

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Specification Details

  • Curved Structure
  • Hinge
  • Glass
  • Hardware Handle
  • Glass Cavity Structure
  • Sealing Performance

1. Curved Structure

  • The curved structure of casement windows adds a unique visual appeal to the building while increasing natural light interior.
  • Create spacious and bright indoor feeling.

2. Hinge

  • Security and seamless integration into the window frame.
  • Easy maintenance, ensuring a reliable and long-lasting mechanism for opening and closing windows.

3. Glass

  • 5mm+19A/27A+5mm double tempered glass
  • Double-layer tempered insulating glass (5mm+19A+5mm) with better sealing.

4. Hardware Handle

  • The Kinlong brand is as the standard configuration. Available options for choosing Hoppe, Cmech,VBH and G-U.
  • Smooth operation, ergonomic comfort and durable performance.

5. Aluminum Material

  • The high strength and corrosion resistance ensure the structural integrity and durability of the window frame.
  • It can be treated with various surface finishes like painting and anodizing to achieve different decorative effects.

6. Sealing Performance

  • Adopt double or triple insulated glass, effectively insulating and soundproof.
  • Improve energy efficiency to meet different climate needs.

Product Certification

Our products have obtained multiple international certifications, including Energy Star, CE certification, SGS certification, ISO certification, AAMA, IAS as well as the highest standard certifications from the United States and Australia.

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