Large Ventilation Vertical Folding Window

Unique Design

Vertical folding window is a sleek and space-saving option for any home. Allow for easy access for fresh air, while also providing large area ventilation. Unique design allows the window to fold vertically and maximize space.

Regular Color Options

Wood Color Options

WANJIA™ Vertical Folding Window

Increase more window elements

Reduce energy consumption

Meet more application Scenarios

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  • Materials

  • Hardware

  • Combinations

  • Glass

  • Screens

Our options of superior aluminum folding window will elevate your window to a whole new level. In addition, the durable materials allow you to utilize our windows with confidence.

Basic Parameters

Heat resistance performance:

Uw1.4W/m2 K

Soundproofing performance:

Rw up to 37dB

Watertight performance:


Hurricane performance:


Airtight performance:

Ievel 5

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Specification Details

  • Window Strip
  • Fixed Hinge
  • Hardware
  • Outward Folding
  • Sliding Track
  • Structure


55 Folding Series

60 Folding Series




Opening ways

fold up

fold up


coil spring

coil spring

Wall thickness



Width of profile section



Maximum area


Single glass ≤ 10 meters
Double glass ≤ 5 meters

Calculated from single leaf

Single glass is calculated as 2㎡
Double glass is calculated as 3.5㎡

calculated as 3㎡


≤ 3 meters

≤ 3.6 meters

High limit

≤ 2.8 meters

≤ 3 meters


single glass/double glass

single glass/double glass

Product Certification

We are pleased to announce that WANJIA® products have successfully gained multiple international certifications, including Energy Star, CSA, AAMA, IAS, and CE certification, and meeting the highest standards in Australia and the United States.

WANJIA window door certification energy star nfrc csa aama ce as2047

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