Expansive View Horizontal Folding Window

Stacking Design

The innovative design of horizontal folding window enables seamless indoor and outdoor connection by folding window sash horizontally. Including modern, versatile solution for optimizing ventilation and expansive view.

Regular Color Options

Wood Color Options

WANJIA® Horizontal Folding Window

Increase more window elements

Reduce energy consumption

Meet more application Scenarios

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  • Materials

  • Hardware

  • Combinations

  • Glass

  • Screens

  • grilles

Aluminum profile is lightweight, strength and corrosion-resistant used in our window and door structure. WANJIA® offer sustainability in design and construction.

Basic Parameters

Heat resistance performance:

Uw1.4W/m2 K

Soundproofing performance:

Rw up to 37dB

Watertight performance:


Hurricane performance:


Airtight performance:

Level 5

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Specification Details

  • Hinge
  • Glass Cavity
  • Hardware Handle
  • Pulley
  • Locking Point
  • Fixed Window Combination


75 Folding Series

68 Folding Series


Aluminum + Glass

Aluminum + Glass

Opening ways

Opening from middle Opening by one side

Opening from middle Opening by one side





2 mm

2 mm

width of profile section

74.5 mm

77.3 mm

Maximum area for single leaf

2.4 ㎡

3.6 ㎡

Calculated from single leaf

1.6 ㎡

1.6 ㎡

Maximum width

800 mm

1000 mm

Maximum Height

3000 mm

3600 mm




Product Certification

Our products have obtained multiple international certifications, including Energy Star, CE certification, SGS certification, ISO certification, AAMA, IAS as well as the highest standard certifications from the United States and Australia.

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