Large Automatic Tilt and Turn Window

Smart Design

The tilt and turn window offer convenience and control with feature like remote operation, automatic opening/closing and integration with smart home systems, enhancing comfort and energy efficiency in modern living spaces.

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WANJIA™ K80 Series Large Tilt and Turn Window

Create smart home style

Enhance safety & security level

Significantly energy efficient

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  • Hardware

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WANJIA window door K80 automatic tilt turn window detail material profile structure design

Aluminum material profile adopts European standard to meet the versatility of accessories on the market. Its lightweight, durable and corrosion-resistant, making them ideal for diverse applications in window and door manufacturing.

Basic Parameters

Heat resistance performance:

Uw1.4W/m2 K

Soundproofing performance:

Rw up to 37dB

Watertight performance:


Hurricane performance:


Airtight performance:

Ievel 5

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WANJIA window door K80 automatic tilt turn window product exhibit picture specs install details

Specification Details

  • Automatic Tilting Hinge
  • Glass Type
  • Automatic Handle
  • Smart Remote Controller
  • Intelligent Control Panel
  • Glass Structure

1. Automatic Tilting Hinge

  • Enable remote control of the tilt function in tilt and turn windows.
  • Integrate with home automation systems for smart operation.

2. Glass Type

  • 5mm+16A+5mm+12A+5mm hollow glass.
  • When enlarging the notch, it can be made up to 8mm+27A+8mm glass.(It also can be made double-glass 5mm+27A+5mm)

3. Automatic Handle

  • Allow for easy and automated operation.
  • With pressing the button on then remote-control, it enables smooth and effortless opening, closing and locking of the window sash.

4. Smart Remote Controller

  • A part of the tilt and turn window to control over window functions.
  • It allows users to open, close,tilt or lock window from a distance.

5. Intelligent Control Panel

  • Provide advanced features and functionalities.
  • It allows users to adjust window, status and integrate with smart home systems for perfect automation and customization.

6. Glass Structure

  • 35.3 insulation strips and triple-glass with two cavity structure.
  • It adopts an intermediate sealing structure, dividing the glass into two parts, such as drainage cavity and sealed cavity.

Product Certification

Our products have obtained multiple international certifications, including Energy Star, CE certification, SGS certification, ISO certification, AAMA, IAS as well as the highest standard certifications from the United States and Australia.

WANJIA window door tilt turn window energy star AAMA IAS australian standar CE ISO american standard

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