Vinyl Classic Single-Hung Window

Tidy Design

The single-hung window is constructed with a durable classic vinyl frame and features two window sashes. The top sash remains fixed, while the bottom sash can be opened vertically. It presents an exquisite appearance in any home and building.

Regular Color Options

Wood Color Options

WANJIA® 83 Series Vinyl Classic Single-Hung Window

Diverse Design to Fit Most Houses

Classical and Minimalist Appearance

Cost Effective and Quality Standard

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Our superior vinyl material will elevate your sing-hung window to a whole new level. The strength and resistance to corrosion make it ideal for long-lasting and home window solutions.

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Specification Details

  • Single Sliding Track
  • Grille
  • Sash Lock
  • Glass Cavity
  • Glass Type
  • Built-in Blinds

1. Grille

  • Consist of horizontal and vertical grille and divide the glass pane into smaller sections.
  • Add a decorative touch while maintaining a classic and timeless aesthetic.

2. Sash Lock

  • The sash lock is a device used to secure the window sash, typically located at the top of the bottom sash.
  • Make sure security and sealing when closing the window

3. Single Sliding Track

  • Support and guide the movement of the lower sash.
  • Ensure the smooth operation and stability of the window.

4. Glass Cavity

  • Regular or standard configuration: 5mm double-layer glass. Hollow glass: 9A
  • Enhance natural light to increase energy efficiency.

5. Glass Type

  • The glass is typically double-layer glass, offering heat and sound insulation.
  • Available options may include tempered glass, low-e glass, or other specialized glazing.

6. Window Screen

  • Keep insects out while allowing fresh air to flow indoors.
  • Provide micro ventilation and maintain a clean, comfortable interior environment.

Product Certification

Our products have obtained multiple international certifications, including Energy Star, CE certification, SGS certification, ISO certification, AAMA, IAS as well as the highest standard certifications from the United States and Australia.

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