5 Types of Bay Windows|Which Is Better for Me?

5 Types of Bay Windows|Which Is Better for Me?

Windows can add an exquisite touch to any house. No matter what the design, whether traditional or modern, the right window can make a big difference. However, with hundreds of options to choose from, the decision to pick one can be an elaborate task.

Bay windows are one of the most common types seen in modern houses. Are you considering to purchase a bay window for your home? Well, before you jump into it, let us give you a run down of the types of windows available, the materials they are made from and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

5 Types of Bay Windows to Consider

Bay windows are available in a lot of different forms. They are usually in correspondence with various geometric shapes but since they protrude from one side of the house, we only get half the shape. Bay windows can be semi-hexagonal, semi-circular, triangular or even semi-square. Each has its own name and serve different aesthetic purposes. Namely bay windows come in the following names and forms;

Here we look at these windows in details and discuss their characteristics for customers to make a better choice.

I. Oriel Bay Windows

1. What Are Oriel Bay Windows?

The most traditional type of bay windows, Oriel Bay are semi-circular in shape. They extend in this specific shape from the wall of the house providing a unique but old-school look. These windows are typically made above ground to give them their iconic shape. The shape of Oriel Bay windows is distinct yet fascinating and is reminiscent of antique architecture. Oriel Bay windows are typically given support through brackets, corbels, or similar cantilevers.

A form of construction which has been around for a long time, Oriel Bay windows are fixed in place. They are typically built on floors above the ground providing an iconic look to the building. Oriel Bay windows are usually found in living rooms or bedrooms to give an open and spacious look to the room.

2. Oriel Bay Windows Pros and Cons

As beautiful as they are, Oriel Bay windows have both advantages and disadvantages. These are important to consider before making a purchase decision.

Pros of Oriel Bay Windows
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Increase in property value: They fulfill the purpose of curtains without being a solid piece of fabric covering the window.

Lighting and ambiance: With their immense size, oriel bay windows let in a lot of lighting to the room. The ambiance this creates is impeccable and gorgeous.

Versatile: Bay windows provide an additional indoor lounging area with lots of atmosphere, and their contemporary style is a timeless aesthetic that can instantly elevate any space in your home.

Cons of Oriel Bay Windows
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Maintenance is a hassle: For most windows, treatment and maintenance is a do-it-yourself task but not for oriel bay windows. If you choose to go with a bay window, you must get a professional to do the window treatment.

Expensive: Bay windows are not for home owners working on limited budgets. They are expensive. Moreover, they can not be installed as replacement windows and must be constructed when the house is being built.

3. How Much Are Oriel Bay Windows?

Oriel Bay windows are one of the more elaborate forms and can be expensive. The average cost for this type of window is between $900 to $1,500.

Ⅱ. Circle Bay Windows

1. What Are Circle Bay Windows?

A circle bay window is a modern take on the bow window, combining several windows into a smooth round area. They are frequently encased in home corners. During the Gothic era, the round bay window became trendy, and it was used in master living rooms, bedroom suites, and eating nooks. Of all the types of bay windows, circle bay windows have the most complex moldings and ornamental features.

2. Circle Bay Windows Pros and Cons

Pros of Circle Bay Windows
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The pros and cons of all bay windows remain relatively same but the only thing that can change is aesthetic. An advantage for circle bay windows over other types is that they can be fit with double hung forms which can open unlike other ones.

Cons of Circle Bay Windows
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Like all other bay windows, circle bay windows are expensive and can not be constructed as replacements unless you are willing to pull down an entire wall to do it.

3. How Much Are Circle Bay Windows?

Circle bay windows are typically an average of between $2000 to $3000.

Ⅳ. Bow Bay Windows

Oriel Bay Windows

Bay windows and their various forms are a sight to behold and bow bay windows are just another example of this. They are a welcome addition to the façade of the house and create an ambient look for the design.

1. What Are Bow Bay Windows?

These windows have a curvature that sticks out of the wall. The basic design of the space is to create a small area for a view of the garden or any scenic view outside. They combine exquisiteness through three or more casement windows in a line to create a magnificent look that makes a house stand out from the rest. These windows can be found on any level in the building.

These windows are larger than box or oriel bay windows and their purpose can differ. Most people incorporate bay windows into the design of their homes to create a unique outlook but there can be other reasons for it as well.

2. Box Bay Windows Pros and Cons

Pros of Bow Bay Windows
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  • With Boy Bay Windows, homeowners can get a picture view from their windows while also allowing light and air to enter from multiple sides.
  • They provide an open and warm ambiance within the house while enabling a great view of your garden, backyard or the neighborhood in general.
  • Cons of Bow Bay Windows
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  • These windows are more expensive than bay windows as they have at least four panels,
  • Installation of boy bay windows is also complex given their larger size and more window panes as compared to other types.
  • 3. How Much Are Bow Bay Windows?

    The average cost of Bow Bay windows is between $900 to $1600.

    Ⅴ. Canted Bay Windows

    1. What Are Canted Bay Windows?

    The canted bay window is the traditional shape that most residents envision when they conceive of a bay window. The window's front pane is level and parallel to the home's facade, while the sides tilt out. There are at least three or four and sometimes even more separate windows in a canted bay window. Since construction standards changed in the 1890s, windows no longer had to be flat with the home exterior, canted bay windows were popular on Victorian homes.

    2. Canted Bay Windows Pros and Cons

    Canted Bay Windows are similar in function to other types of bay windows which makes their advantages and disadvantages similar in terms of aesthetic and features etc.

    3. How Much Are Canted Bay Windows?

    Canted Bay windows are on the top end when it comes to pricing. They can be anywhere between $1,150 to $3,350 on average.

    Ⅲ. Box Bay Windows

    1. What Are Box Bay Windows?

    As the name suggests, Box Bay windows are at 90-degree angles giving them a box shape. Usually, there is one large window at the front and two smaller ones flanking it on either side. It is standard with all bay windows to protrude from the building so naturally, Box Bay windows also do so. They form a sort of balcony where extending from the building providing a beautiful aesthetic both on the inside and the out. It is one of the more affordable types of bay windows.

    Box Bay windows are typically found in kitchens or living rooms so that more light can enter the building creating a warm ambiance. Most people use their bay windows for plants or other decorations while some people use these windows to create a sitting area too. The usage depends on their size ultimately.

    2. Box Bay Windows Pros and Cons

    Box Bay windows are visually appealing as they provide a traditional look to the house. However, their pros and cons in terms of visuals and functionality are like that of other bay windows.

    3. How Much Are Box Bay Windows?

    Box Bay windows are relatively affordable costing an average of $500 to $900.

    How to Choose Bay Windows

    1. Window Style

    Window styles are a matter of personal preference. Circle and Oriel Bay windows are both extremely beautiful to look at. Box bay windows are slightly less contemporary which makes for the overall home design to look old-fashioned. Although modern fittings can make even box bay windows look special but the overall aesthetic appeal factor remains higher in oriel and circle bay windows.

    2. Window Frame Material

    Bay window frames are available in the same materials as other more common window types. Wood, aluminum, and PVC are three of the most popular however, the respective use of some elements can vary. In areas where there is a lot of moisture, wood is not a good option as the material is prone to deterioration through water over time. Aluminum is one of the more robust choices when it comes to window frames and is therefore in abundant use around the world.

    3. Operation Methods

    Not all bay windows can be fitted with panes that can slide open. In Triangular or Oriel Bay windows, casement form are common which means that they are fixed. In others like circle bay windows, moveable windows can be fitted. If you are going to choose by operation method, it is better to consult the designer to gather more insights depending on whether you want the bay windows to open or not.

    4. Energy Consumption

    When casement windows are included in the design of bay and bow windows, they can provide high energy efficiency even if they do not have fixed panels. Since the bow is usually larger and has more openings, a bay window offers slightly greater energy efficiency. Energy consumption can be higher if the bay windows slide or tilt open but otherwise these are extremely efficient styles.

    5. Glass Selection

    Bay windows offer a lot of customization options in terms of glass panes. The available options can include but are not limited to float, safety lamination, obscured, annealed, tinted, tempered, insulated or even mirror glass. Each of these has their own characteristics with both advantages and disadvantages. For instance, mirror glass will reflect sunlight but at the same time, it is not very durable. If you are looking for privacy, tints or tempered glass is ideal but these can obscure the view and even block sunlight at the same time.

    6. Cost Difference

    Cost difference between bay windows is substantial. The lowest price for a window in this type is $500 for an average box bay window but prices can rise rapidly. A high-end canted bay window can easily cost up to $3,350 per window. There are numerous other options which fall in between and people must bear in mind their budget as well as aesthetic preference when going for these windows. An Oriel Bay window which is the most visually appealing lies somewhere between $900 and $1,500.

    7. Installation Method

    Installation of bay windows is not a do-it-yourself project unless a person has experience in this matter. What’s more is that the installation can cost a lot. The cost of installing a bay window ranges from $1,150 to $3,550 per window. Local labour charges, which average around $38 per hour but might vary based on your regional installation prices, which are normally $300 to $500, must be factored in as well. It is important to bear in mind that these prices can fluctuate a lot depending on the area and service provider you work with.

    8. Work with an Established Window Company

    Installation of bay windows is not simple. The process can be complex and overall, it is vital to have a reliable company on board. The design for a bay window requires house extension so not every house can have one on their premises but the ones that have the space can arrange for replacement or installation in their area.

    Ⅱ. Conclusion

    Bay windows are unique and elaborate. The intricate touch of beauty that they add to any house is beyond words but not every house is built to accommodate them. If you want a bay window, you must look out for associated costs and other factors before deciding. It is vital to have a budget in mind because bay windows can add a significant amount to any house and its construction. However, if they are worth the costs and the hassle, the decision can come down to personal preferences.